A strong
human-nature relationship,
where winegrowing has adapted
to the environment.

Valdobbiadene. Unique territory. Recognized as a World Heritage Site in 2019. Protected by Unesco. Gem set between
the Dolomites and the Venice Lagoon. Where the strength of the glaciers has shaped the roughness of the highest hills,
the Rive, giving rare and precious minerality and complexity.
Slopes tamed only by the incessant manual work of local
people, whose life has been always marked by the succession
of the seasons and the vegetative cycle of the vine. Extreme
pedo-climatic conditions that make the Glera variety find its
terroir of choice.

Character, territorial expression,
sustainable viticulture and
accurate technical execution.

Heroic vineyards, certified sustainable viticulture, very high manual
skills in cultivation operations and agronomic management with
very low environmental impact, limiting the use of exogenous
interventions to a minimum, all these factors allow to harvest a
fruit that totally maximizes the mineral component of the soil
and the diurnal temperature variations of the high hill.
concentrations that are expressed using the most modern
and innovative enological technologies, combined with the
rediscovery of the ancient art of the Cellar Masters.